See to it that you are not alarmed

I caught the last half of this sermon on the way to church today. There may be some theology that I disagree on in the first half, since I come from a dispensational perspective and Dr. Boice was reformed (hence the title of the link being Reformed Resources). Be that as it may, in the second half he tells a story of D.G. Barnhouse, who also pastored Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia about when he was in Europe as World War 2 broke out. Based on his experience Barnhouse preached a sermon to young men that were on the verge of being called to fight from Matthew 24:6, which says in the NASB

“You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened …”

War is a terrible consequence of sin in the human experience, but what great comfort is brought in recognizing that the God Who controls history tells us that even in the midst of such misery that we are to be not frightened or alarmed.

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