Bathroom Pass

I work as a high school history teacher in Tyler, TX. There is an issue there with the students wanting to use the restroom a lot. My personal practice is: I don’t keep students from using the restroom, it’s their education, not mine; if they want to spend 5 minutes every day in the restroom, then that’s 5 less minutes of learning they will receive. Some of the way I go about teaching is by trying to be as non-coercive as possible, which is not always easy to do.

In order to discourage students from using the restroom, some teachers give their students toilet seats and other such things as restroom hall passes. I do think it’s funny to see students walking around the halls carrying toilet seats, but it’s also quite humiliating and dehumanizing, to try to make a student look like a fool for simply wanting to go to the restroom.


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